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The Must List for May 16-22

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Two people in traditional attire stand back to back, holding books. Speech bubbles express playful rivalry: "She's such a stuck-up stick-in-the-mud!" and "And she thinks I'm hoity-toity? Please!". Mark your Must List for 05-16-2024 to witness this delightful exchange.


Now-June 2

2 p.m., 7:30 p.m., Seattle Public Theater, $10+

Unrivaled is a funny historical comedy set in Japan’s Heian period. It’s about two rival poets battling for the Empress’s favor, with fame, friendship, and a love triangle making things wonderfully messy. With the warm weather, it’s worth seeing at Seattle Public Theater and taking a stroll around Green Lake afterwards.


Illustration of teal octopus tentacles holding beer cans, with frothy bubbles below and the Space Needle to the left. Text above reads "Seattle Beer Week: Must List 05-16-2024.”

Seattle Beer Week

May 17-24

Seattle Beer Week kicked off in 2008 to celebrate our city’s love of beer. Now, 16 years later, with fantastic breweries, beer-focused restaurants, and top-notch distributors, Seattle is truly the ultimate beer city. In short, beer lovers, this is the place to be.


Belle & Sebastian

Sunday, May 19

7 p.m., Moore Theatre, $39.50

Belle and Sebastian are coming to Seattle. The indie pop band from Glasgow are known for their easy lyrics and nostalgic melodies. Their music has a timeless, feel-good vibe that’s perfect for any mood. Don’t miss them playing with The Weather Station.


A person with short, wavy hair and blue eyes, wearing a denim jacket, looks towards the camera with a neutral expression on 5/16/2024.

Miranda July with Laurie Frankel 

Tuesday, May 21

7:30 p.m., Town Hall Seattle, $5-25

Miranda July will be discussing her new book, All Fours: A Novel. Joining her is local author Laurie Frankel. The story follows a 45-year-old artist who takes an unexpected detour. The novel is filled with surprises and the absurdity of human connection. July, a true artistic force, always brings a present and playful energy to her live events, so expect the unexpected. She’s also the creative mind behind films like Me and You and Everyone We Know and Kajillionaire

A person with long hair and glasses holds a microphone and leans on their hand, standing in front of a brick wall with a neon sign. Mark your calendars for May 16, 2024—this scene is part of your Must List!

Sheng Wang

May 16-17

7 p.m., 9:45 p.m., Neptune Theatre, $35

Sheng Wang is a comedian, actor, and writer from Houston who’s been making waves in the comedy scene. His Netflix special Sweet & Juicy premiered late last year, thanks to Ali Wong’s production and direction. You might recognize him from HBO’s “2 Dope Queens” or his writing for ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat.” Expect an incredibly funny night of laid-back observational humor.


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